Ultra Pro Magnum™ Roller Rocker Arms: BBC; 1/2" Stud, 1.7 Ratio

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The latest development in rocker arm technology from COMP Cams®  are Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms built for 1/2" studs to increase valve train stiffness and stability.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the COMP Cams®  Hi-Tech 1/2" Rocker Stud Kit, the latest versions of COMP Cams®  Ultra Pro Magnum Rockers are built to utilize 1/2" studs to stabilize BBC valve trains. Ultra Pro Magnum™ Roller Rocker Arms feature a modern arched, web-like design to deliver increased strength and rigidity while still reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the dynamic balance. The rockers also boast precision-sorted needle bearings and hardened roller tips. And since they now feature the added benefit of accepting 1/2" studs, they are a great choice for anyone looking for more stiffness with stud mount rockers. These new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms will provide the ultimate in valve train stability for maximum valve motion both at the track and on the street.

  • 1/2" Studs provide a stiffer valve train to achieve maximum valve motion in BBC engines
  • Deliver increased strength & rigidity while reducing the moment of inertia & optimizing dynamic balance