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In the past, manual transmissions were the popular choice for circle track racing but TCI® has found that there are several advantages to running a TCI® Circlematic™ Transmission instead. The first advantage includes a significant weight savings - TCI® automatic transmissions are, on average, 50 to 60 lbs. lighter in weight than manual 4-speed transmissions, depending upon application. This weight savings reduces wear and tear on the drivetrain and valve train. Second is the cost savings. TCI® Circlematic™ Transmissions run anywhere from $500 to $600 less for a basic automatic setup. Third, and the most important advantage, is the performance level experienced when using a TCI® Circlematic™ Transmission. Racers who have made the switch from their standard 4-speed setup have experienced improved performance. TCI® Circlematic™ Transmissions have been track tested and have been proven to be more responsive off the turns than standard shift transmissions, plus the engine picks up much more quickly. They also have excellent throttle response in the corners and on restarts. In addition, the TCI® Automatic is consistent for every race, so the clutch does not have to be adjusted before each event. TCI® offers a variety of automatic Powerglide, TH350 and C4 transmissions for oval track competition.

TCI® Direct Drive Powerglide Circlematic™ Transmissions eliminate the need for all external control of the line pressure when using a straight pump drive. You operate the transmission by simply placing it into gear and easing down on the accelerator. Powerglides can be custom built with a 1.65, 1.76, 1.80, 1.82, 1.92, 1.96 and 2.11 low gear planetary set. TH350 transmissions provide full engine braking, and the transmission/converter combinations give you 100% fluid coupling while the C4 model has a standard shift pattern and provides engine braking in all gears. Both the TH350 and C4 can be built with a 2.75 low gear.

All transmissions feature high performance clutches, bands, a steel clutch hub (where applicable), and the Powerglides feature a modified planetary gear set that will work with the latest rear suspensions. And as with all TCI® transmissions, each unit has been Triple Tested, including valve body, static hydraulic pressure, and final dyno testing to ensure you receive the best possible transmission for your circle track needs.

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