Heavy-duty Maximizer™ Transmission Packages combine specifically matched components to produce a firm, steady shift that is perfect for trucks, RVs, 4x4s and towing applications. Each component-matched TCI® Maximizer™ Transmission Package contains a TCI® transmission and torque converter, universal transmission cooler and three gallons of premium TCI® Max Shift™ Performance Transmission Fluid. Each transmission and torque converter were individually Triple Tested and certified to ensure that you receive the best possible package for your application.

Maximizer™ Towing Packages were designed to be used in applications ranging from 450 to 550 HP. Transmission include a valve body that has been individually tested to ensure proper shifting and correct alignment while the transmission itself was hydraulic and dyno tested. The torque converter has also been tested and includes upgraded parts, including furnace-brazed fins for increased durability and heavy-duty caged bearings that are much stronger than individual style bearings. Another important feature of the torque converter is improved cooler flow for improved cooling and planetary lubrication.

Also included is the popular Max Shift™ Transmission Fluid that reduces internal friction and heat build-up (while promoting clutch lock-up) for increased shift quality and life. The premium fluid was developed with ultra-pure base oils that resist viscosity breakdown and extend fluid change intervals and exceeds Mercon® and Dexron® performance specifications. Most important, Max Shift™ contains exclusive friction eliminating, anti-foaming, and extreme heat additives and no other additives or treatments are needed. Simply pour in Max Shift™ for an instant upgrade for your new Maximizer™ RV & Towing Package.

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