Super StreetFighter

Super StreetFighter

The TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Transmission Packages fill the gap between the StreetFighter® series and the full competition transmission packages. Intended for normally aspirated vehicles powered by engines producing between 725 and 1025+ HP, depending on the application, TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Packages feature the many of the same benefits as StreetFighter® Transmission Packages with certain internal upgrades, including higher performance friction clutches and bands, as well as heavy-duty hard parts. The Super StreetFighter™ Transmission offers both manual and automatic shift options to give you the power and shifts you want for the strip or easy driving for the street. 700R4, 2004R and AOD Super StreetFighter™ Transmissions feature a TCI® Constant Pressure Valve Body™ to ensure that clutches and bands are applied firmly to eliminate slippage.

Super StreetFighter™ Torque Converters feature furnace brazed fins, needle bearings, hardened pre-ground pump hubs and like all TCI® converters, undergo the renowned Triple Testing procedures.

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