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Circle Track

Circle Track

TCI® Circlematic™ Transmission Packages use the latest developments in drivetrain technology to deliver superior performance in one convenient package. All Circlematic™ Transmission Packages come with everything you need to enhance drivetrain performance and durability, including a triple-tested TCI® Circlematic™ Transmission; a matching, precision-tuned and performance-matched TCI® Circle Track Torque Converter where applicable (some packages contain pump drives or stock appearing, non-functional converters); dipstick and premium, high-viscosity TCI® Max Shift™ Circle Track Transmission Fluid.

As with every TCI® Circle Track Transmission, those used in circle track packages include several advantages over the commonly used manual transmissions, including lighter weight (50-60 lbs. over standard), more economical pricing and performance improvements. Some of these performance improvements include instant throttle response, superior engine braking capabilities and quicker lap times. The converters used in these packages are specially designed with a lower “positive lock-up” stall speed which can eliminate up to 10% of power robbing slippage found in OEM and lesser quality converters. This can ultimately result in reducing lap times by as much as one to two-tenths of a second. Circle track racers looking for the ultimate transmission/torque converter setup will find the TCI® Circle Track Transmission Packages to be the perfect solution.

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