Trans-Scat® Valve Body Kit; '66-'91 GM TH400

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*Please note that the above image shows a Ford C6 Trans Scat® Valve Body kit.

The Trans-Scat® Valve Body Kit was designed to deliver a good solid shift suitable for towing applications or a competition quality gear shift by eliminating transmission slippage and lag. This provides a harder, more positive shift and allows you to downshift the vehicle on demand. With most models, you are able to manually shift and hold the transmission in first gear until you shift to a higher gear, which is very advantageous when extra power is needed to top a hill. As long as the vehicle remains in drive, it will still be fully automatic.

  • Designed to deliver solid shifts for towing or competition quality gear shift by eliminating slippage & lag

  • Improves second & third gear shift for better performance & fuel economy

  • Extends clutch & band life