TH400 Trans-Brake Solenoid for 221500

TH400 Trans-Brake Solenoid for 221500
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Part# 221300 - Trans-Brake Solenoid with 0.200-inch stroke. Direct replacements for TCI® style trans-brake valve bodies. Two wire setup assures a quality ground.

The TCI® solenoid motor is only 1.025" long, the most compact, space-saving solenoid available. The conical face design is able to handle higher forces than standard flat-faced solenoids with .180" to .200" strokes. The high-efficiency, precision wound coil maximizes the amount of copper in the allowable space for maximum force, and the two-wire set-up ensures a good quality ground can be established.

  • Precision-ground steel shaft with bronze bushing shaft-pinned nut and unique lip seal prevent fluid leakage while minimizing drag
  • Shaft-pinned nut for secure placement