Super StreetFighter™ 700R4 Transmission '84-'93, 30-Spline, 30 1/2" Length (Small & Big Block Chevy)

Super StreetFighter™ 700R4 Transmission '84-'93, 30-Spline, 30 1/2" Length (Small & Big Block Chevy)
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The TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Transmission bridges the gap between the StreetFighter™ series of transmissions and the full competition packages. The newest version of the 700R4 Super StreetFigher™ (Part #371200) includes all of the features of the original, as well as the ability to handle 1000 horsepower. It is updated with a new 300M input shaft that allows for much greater torque capacity. Upgraded 3-4 clutches are capable of handling higher levels of torque, and also extend clutch life. An improved sungear shaft reduces friction and increases longevity. Numerous other upgrades such as an adjustable band pin, an extra-wide band featuring High Energy™ material and increased line pressure not only increase the longevity of the transmission but also its overall torque capacity. The TCI® Super StreetFighter™ 700R4 Transmission is designed for high horsepower and high torque street/strip applications.

  • Capable of handling 1000 HP
  • 300M input shaft allows for higher torque capacity
  • Upgraded 3-4 clutches increase torque capacity & clutch life
  • Improved sungear shaft reduces friction & increases longevity
  • Designed for high HP & torque street/strip applications

Application Fitment Info:

  • Works with Chevy V8 and V6 applications originally equipped or retro-fit with a 700R4 transmission; 30 1/2" overall length
  • Will retro-fit in 1982-84 applications with use of a 30-spline torque converter
  • TCI® universal wiring kit (Part # 376600) comes installed and may be wired independent of the vehicle computer. This also allows for easy retrofit into earlier non 700R4 equipped applications