StreetFighter Torque Converter TH350/TH400 LS1 w/ Anti-Ballooning Plate

 TH350/TH400 LS1 StreetFighter® Torque Converter w/ Anti-Ballooning Plate

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The LS-engine family is one of the most popular performance engine platforms to be foundtoday. But mating this late model series engine to any form of Turbo Hydramatic 350 or 400series transmission has been virtually impossible until now. The new TCI® StreetFighter® 10-Inch Torque Converter makes it easy to bolt up any of these classic high performance 3-speedtransmissions without any other modifications. Best of all, the StreetFighter® Torque Converterdelivers all the performance enhancing TCI® engineered performance you expect.

The TCI® StreetFighter® lineup of torque converters has made quite a name in performancecircles. Featuring fully furnace-brazed internal turbine fins, three sets of high-quality INA needlebearings and a anti-ballooning plate for added strength, the TCI® StreetFighter® delivers theultimate in extreme durability. By increasing the stall speed by 1500 rpm over stock-styleconverters, StreetFighter®-equipped vehicles have higher rpm launches, resulting in quickerreaction times and lower elapsed times.