StreetFighter Converter, Chrysler, 2008-09 A580 Hemi Challenger, Multi-clutch Lock-up

 2008-09 A580 Hemi Challenger StreetFighter®

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Designed with the street/track enthusiasts in mind, the StreetFighter® Torque Converter for 2008-10 Dodge Challengers benefits modified street machines to bring the launch RPM in line with performance enhancements. When making any type of upgrade that increases horsepower, the StreetFighter® Converter is a must have to overcome the weak design and low stall characteristics of stock converters so you can utilize the horsepower gains in higher RPM ranges.

The StreetFighter® Torque Converter for 2008-10 Dodge Challengers features a multi-clutch design to prevent converter clutch slippage under the heavy throttle demands of racing. Furnace brazed components add strength for withstanding higher horsepower and longer nitrous shots, while increased stall creates better performance.

Built tough enough to handle the most rigorous racing challenges, the converter’s durable heat treated splines and hub hold up to harder launches off the line. The aftermarket billet front design is strong enough for use with long nitrous shots and other power boosting options. This torque converter also utilizes the TCI® proprietary HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology™) Coating™for cooler and more efficient drivetrain operations.

Every torque converter from TCI® is built to exact specifications and Triple Tested during assembly so you can be confident that it is of the highest quality possible. The TCI® Triple Test procedure for torque converters includes run-out testing, leak testing and computer balancing so that you can be confident you’re receiving a torque converter that’s perfect for your specific application.