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The TCI® Outlaw™ Shifter has evolved with a new slimmer look and upgraded technology. Introducing the TCI® Outlaw - X™ Shifter, the most compact that TCI® offers for street and race use, measuring just over 2.1 inches wide by 9.6 inches long. It features a powder-coated cover with quick release pins and a pistol-grip handle that is available with optional integrated buttons for controlling transbrake, line lock and nitrous activation. The buttons also enable electronic shifting when used with a TCI® EZ-TCU™. A Park/Neutral safety switch and provisions for a reverse-light system remain from the original TCI® Outlaw™ Shifter design, while new patent-pending gate plate technology borrowed from the TCI® Diablo™ Shifter complies with NHRA/IHRA reverse lock-out regulations. For hands-free automated shifting with the Outlaw - X™ Shifter, TCI® has developed a solenoid kit that can easily be removed for competition in different racing classes.

Available in standard or Blackout versions, the TCI® Outlaw -X™ Shifter is designed for GM Powerglide and TCI 6x Six-Speed™ and 4x Four-Speed™ transmissions, as well as popular GM, Ford and Chrysler two-, three-and four-speed transmissions. Each shifter comes with a cable and all hardware needed for installation in a specific application.

  • Compact design for easy install in tight spaces
  • Optional handle buttons for electronic shifting or transbrake, line lock and nitrous activation control
  • NHRA/IHRA reverse lock-out regulation compliance
  • Available solenoid kit for hands-free shifting can be removed for competition in different race classes
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