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Shaft Mount Rocker System; RHS LS7, 1.8:1 Ratio


COMP Cams® Rockers

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Using COMP® Shaft Mount Rocker Systems is one of the most effective ways to increase horsepower. These systems transfer the power of the camshaft to the valve by properly positioning the rocker over the valve. Constructed from 2024 aluminum and using an 8620 hardened steel shaft, COMP® shaft rockers are designed using the latest in computer technology and are field tested by experts in every type of racing.

  • Made from 2024 aluminum and use 8620 hardened steel shaft

  • Most efficient way to transfer the power of the cam to the valve

  • Rigidity of the shaft system adds stability to the cylinder head and the valve train

  • Uses an oiling system that ensures consistent oil flow from the pushrod cup to the shaft bearings and then on to the roller tip

*Requires valve cover spacer, baffle removal, or aftermarket valve covers.

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UPC 036584241935
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code
Rocker Arm Ratio 1.8/1.8