Powerglide PRO-X Overflow Premium Canister

Powerglide PRO-X™ Overflow Premium Canister
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New lightweight aluminum overflow canister for Powerglide transmissions safely contains high-rpm fluid blow-by.

Transmission fluid should always stay in the transmission; while it seems like a simple principle, it can be difficult to achieve. At high rpm, it is not uncommon for fluid to escape through the transmission vent - spreading oil on the undercarriage of your racecar. To eliminate the resulting safety concerns and messy clean-up, TCI® offers the new PRO-X™ Overflow Canister, which weighs less than two pounds, holds approximately one quart of fluid and attaches to the transmission pan in three easy steps.

The Powerglide PRO-X™ Canister measures only 12 x 2-inches and is not any wider than the transmission pan, so ground and header clearance are not a problem. A 1/8-inch petcock valve is designed into the canister for quick draining and maintenance. Canisters feature lightweight aluminum construction, powder-coated black exterior with etched PRO-X™ logo, welded bungs and include braided steel lines and fittings to connect the canister to the vent tube.