Powerglide Flame Die Cast Alum. Deep Pan w/Gasket

Powerglide Flame Die Cast Alum. Deep Pan w/Gasket

Designed for street or racing applications, this die cast deep aluminum pans from TCI allows for a higher fluid capacity and have unique design features to assist in removing heat from Powerglides.

Built to be the very best Powerglide pan on the market, TCI Transmissions incorporate heat dissipating “inverted-dimples” that increase the surface area inside the pan. These unique “heat suckers” pull heat toward the exterior of the pan – ultimately lowering the temperature of the fluid. On the outside of the pan, exterior fins are slightly angled to create a funnel effect which increases the air speed across the surface. The pan is available either powder coated or in raw die cast aluminum, and both use a gasket-style seal instead of the o-ring featured in part# 528220 pans.  Both options feature lower price points than the original pan but still provide the same level of Powerglide heat reduction. All hardware, gaskets, filter and filter extension included.