Powerglide Cast Aluminum Gerotor Pump

Powerglide Cast Aluminum Gerotor Pump
High performance pump delivers up to 300psi line pressure and provides greater heat dissipation over factory pumps

In racing, durability and light weight are the key components to winning. The new TCI® Powerglide Cast Aluminum Gerotor Pump significantly reduces pump weight without sacrificing strength in extreme drag racing conditions, making this is a critical “must have” component. As with all TCI® pumps, the internal gears are friction-reduction coated which significantly decreases drag for smoother performance and increased durability.

The TCI® Powerglide Cast Aluminum Gerotor Pump is engineered from a one-of-a-kind design and removes six pounds from the overall transmission weight compared to the factory pump. The TCI® high volume pump also handles line pressures up to 300psi and the aluminum construction dissipates heat quickly for added durability. The pump includes a bolt-in stator support tube to eliminate the tube flex and twist commonly experienced with high performance racing transmission applications.