Powerglide Bolt-Together Planetaries (1.8 Ratio)

For Standard Length Powerglide
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TCI® Bolt-Together Powerglide Planetaries are built with the racer in mind as they optimize both strength and ease of use. The cleverly engineered bolt-together design, in conjunction with several available gear ratios, makes this the most versatile planetary unit for every racing configuration. It allows for easy rebuilds and gear ratio or output shaft changes without sending the unit back to TCI®. Plus there are a variety of gear ratios for standard (long) Powerglide spline output shafts.

  • Straight-cut gears are precisely manufactured from heat-treated 9310 steel
  • Strongest & lowest-friction gear set on the market, capable of withstanding any racing environment
  • Feature roller thrust bearings rather than washers for sun gear and input shaft to avoid failures
  • Steel-backed, bit-metal washers with wear-resistant PTFE layer to reduce friction & heat