Permanent Magnet Racing Starter; All GM LS Engines 168-Tooth

Feather Light Permanent Magnet Motor, 12 Clocking Positions, Only 7.5 lbs., Small Size Works Well in Cars w/ Headers

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For drag racing and applications where a smaller and lightweight starter is desired, TCI® offers the finest quality racing starter available on the market. Manufactured by Hitachi specifically for TCI®, these starters are one-third smaller than most OEM starters, which means increased room for headers and one oil pan, plus increased ground clearance. All racing starters are new, not rebuilt.

  • Fits All GM LS Engines 168-Tooth

  • 7.5 lbs; 50% Lighter than OE • 1.74 HP • 6:1 Gear Reduction • Works w/ up to 11:1 Compression Ratio • 12 Clocking Positions

  • Feather Light Permanent Magnet Motor; Small Size Works Well in Cars w/ Headers

  • Full ball bearing construction means less internal friction & more torque transferred to the engine; Heavy duty pinion bearing

  • Balanced armature encapsulated in high-temperature epoxy resist heat & vibration

  • Heavy-duty solenoid utilizes contact disc instead of bar-type contact for more consistent starts

  • Low amperage draw of 210-250 amps at full starting load provides increased spark for ignition system

  • Individually tested under starting load for ensured dependability & reliability