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Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit for Small-Block Oldsmobile 350-403 V8

Edelbrock part #7112 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for small-block Oldsmobile 350-403 V-8. This Edelbrock cam kit produced 397 HP & 400 ft-lbs. of torque when used with #7111 intake and stock iron cylinder heads on a 350 engine.
The Edelbrock #7112 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for street high-performance applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. This hydraulic lifter camshaft is dyno-matched to Performer RPM manifolds for high-rpm horsepower while still maintaining acceptable low-end torque. With 10 to 12 inches of manifold vacuum at idle, Performer RPM cams have more lift and duration than most street camshafts. In the manifold section you'll find horsepower graphs showing the power levels obtainable when the Performer RPM package is used with the right combination of Edelbrock components. Hydraulic flat tappet lifters are included with each Performer RPM camshaft.

Installation Notes:
• Designed for Small-Block Oldsmobile, 350-403, V8
• 397 HP & 400 ft.-lbs. with #7111 intake & stock iron heads. Adjustable pushrods or rocker arms required.
More Information
Manufacturer Edelbrock
Application Application Specific
UPC 00085347071128
Grade Type Performance
Lifter Materials Hardened Steel
Computer Controlled Compatible No
Intake Duration .050 Inch Lift 224 deg
Availability Note Available to Order
Warranty 12 Months
Emissions Code
Hazardous Materials Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to Chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit
Installation Notes
  • Use only stock ratio rocker arms; Adjustable valvetrain required; In order for this Performer RPM cam and lifter kit to be covered under ANY WARRANTY you MUST use the correct Edelbrock Sure Seat Valve Springs or equivalent.; Do not use rotator type valve springs or retainers for this application.; Oil/additive must contain Zinc designed for use with flat tappet camshafts.; Coat cam lobes and bottoms of each lifter with MoS2 lube (supplied) to prevent cam lobe and lifter wear from occurring during initial start-up.; Do not allow the engine to run under 2000 rpm for the first 1/2 hour. Slow idle speeds may result in severe cam and lifter wear. Start the engine and bring to break-in rpm.
Advertised Exhaust Duration 300 deg
Advertised Intake Duration 290 deg
Intake Valve Lift 0.496 in
Lifter Type Hydraulic
Lobe Separation 112 deg