Performance U-Joint (1310 Bearing Designation) Fits Many Chrysler, Ford & GM Applications

Performance U-Joint, 1310 Bearing Designation, 1.062 Bearing Diameter, 3.219 Outside Lock-Up
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This isn't your normal over-the-counter U-joint! Specifically designed for today's demands in drag racing, off-road, and performance applications.  Currently, applications are available to fit the three most commonly used yokes.

 Features & Benefits: 

  • Solid-body design - Heat-treated, forged material construction & eliminated grease fitting to reduce structural breakage in body

  • Pre-greased sealed unit -Pre-packed for life with synthetic Lithium grease, providing extra friction reduction and temperature resistance

  • PTFE coated, nitrile rubber outer seals - Reduces seal failure & leakage unlike standard designs

  • Bearing surfaces precision ground & finished - Allows joint to run true and to ensure accurate fit to yoke