Paddle Shifter (Without Display)

Paddle Shifter (Without Display)
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$710.96 $789.95

How often have you wished that your car had options similar to those found on high dollar g-machines and touring cars? Now it can with the new TCI® Paddle Shifter. Designed to work with any General Motors/GM automatic 4 or 6-speed (TCI 6X) transmission controlled by the revolutionary TCI® EZ-TCU™ Transmission Control Unit, this shifter features distinctive show car styling and shifting performance that’s perfect for track days or highway cruising. 

The TCI® Paddle Shifter communicates to the EZ-TCU™ through a wireless CAN signal that cannot be affected by signal interference or disruption. The steering wheel mounted unit operates by slim, 1⁄2-inch thick paddle shifters which instantly instruct the transmission as to your gear of choice without hesitation or delay. This shifter fits all 5 & 6-bolt aftermarket steering wheels and ships complete with several spacers of varying width, allowing you to adjust the steering wheel location to your personal preference. Power for the shifter system comes from the horn button relay rather than from batteries which require replacement and can result in a low power signal.

  • Fits all 5 & 6-bolt aftermarket steering wheels – provides consistent, repeatable shifting for g-machines & touring cars
  • Works with any GM automatic 4 or 6 speed (TCI 6X) transmission controlled by the revolutionary TCI® EZ-TCU™
  • Utilizes CAN signal for gear selection without interference or hesitation
  • Easy to install, slim line 1⁄2-inch thick paddles with stylish black anodized finish
  • Only shifts trans. through foward gears. A standard shifter is required to shift trans to Park, Reverse and Neutral.
  • Requires TCI® EZ-TCU™ #302820 or #30299-KIT (depending upon trans. used)
  • Optional Electronic Display - #301445 shows gear selection everytime a gear change is made

Paddle Shifter is available with Display - #301442