Maximizer Towing Torque Converter; '65-'81 TH350 & TH375B w/ Small Bolt Pattern (Except Lock-Up)

 For '65-'81 TH350, 375B w/ Small Bolt Pattern (Except Lock-Up)

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The fuel-efficient TCI® Maximizer™ Towing Converter is designed to reduce the slippage found in all non lock-up torque converters. The Maximizer™ series enables transmissions to run cooler and reduces engine RPM at highway speeds. In addition to the resulting fuel mileage increases, the Maximizer™ Towing Converter also lowers transmission temperature by as much as 20° F. This is an excellent choice for motor homes, tow vehicles and other heavy load applications. Stall speeds range from 1000 to 1200 RPM.

    • Reduces the Slippage Found in All Non Lock-Up Converters

    • Enables Cooler Running & Reduces Engine RPM at Highway Speeds

    • Excellent Choice for Motor Homes, Tow Vehicles & Other Heavy Load Applications

    • Stall Speeds Range From 1000-to-1200 RPM

    • All TCI® Converters Feature HDT Coating