Max Shift Circle Track Transmission Fluid (Case of 12 Quarts)

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Drivetrain technology leader introduces first circle track transmission fluid formulated specifically for dirt & asphalt automatics to improve durability & performance.TCI® Max Shift™ Transmission Fluid has proven to be an effective performer in several performance venues. A new version of this innovative drivetrain formula has now been released for dirt and asphalt circle track automatic racing transmissions. Max Shift™ Circle Track has been tested and proven to enhance drivetrain performance and durability, and it can operate at far greater temperatures than both petroleum-based transmission fluids and synthetic formulas.

This new line of TCI® Max Shift™ Circle Track Transmission Fluid offers several unique benefits to circle track racers, including anti-foaming agents that reduce pump cavitation for more consistent line pressures. Max Shift™ Circle Track also maintains an exceptionally high viscosity level at high temperatures, which increases the life of not only the fluid, but of the clutches and bands, as well. This makes the formula ideal for resistance against high temperature drivetrain wear, as well as fluid breakdown that is common in most high performance circle track racing applications. In addition, applications using a torque converter see minimized slippage, which translates into quicker acceleration on the straightaways.

TCI® Max Shift™ Circle Track Transmission Fluid is available in single quarts or in cases of 12 single quart bottles.