HV Cam 226/234 .575/.570 Hyd Roller for GEN III/IV 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L

This HV cam for GM LS engines is designed to provide great drivability and throttle response for cruisers and daily drivers. Provides great performance gains without sacrifcing torque. This is the next step up from the 54-273-11. Designed with higher lift to take advantage 26906 springs.

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This COMP Cams HV cam is designed with a focus toward either drivability, towing and response in larger displacement (6.0L up) engines or moving peak torque to higher RPM in smaller displacement (4.8L & 5.3L) applications.. Awesome performance gains with +94 horsepower at peak and increased torque from 2800 rpm up. Get the most out of your cruiser or daily driver while enjoying great street manners. The HV cam will provide a deep rumble with a noticeable lope. At .575" lift, this cam is designed to take advantage of the inexpensive 26906 valve spring upgrade. Also compatible with stock converters.

Offers great drivability and throttle response while remaining easy to tune. Great choice for engine swaps in full size cruisers and daily drivers. Provides a deep rumble with some noticeable lope. Needs 26906 springs and works with stock converters. +94 hp & +31 ft-lbs at peak over Gen IV 5.3L.