HDT Coating™

Developments in thermal coating technology combined with an exhaustive R&D effort by the TCI® engineering team have delivered a revolutionary breakthrough in torque converter and transmission performance and durability. Beyond just providing these TCI® parts with the metallic gray color for which they have become so well known, HDT Coating™ − Heat Dissipating Technology™ − represents the latest in thermal coating technology and enables TCI® torque converters and transmissions to operate at lower temperatures and cool down faster. That means TCI® drivetrain parts, already industry performance leaders, now provide even greater efficiency and longevity.

The chart above demonstrates the benefits of the HDT Coating™ in dissipating heat from a torque converter under normal operating conditions. The Delta T (temperature decrease) color bar shows heat dissipation, with a high Delta T number representing the most efficient heat transfer. The TCI® HDT Coating™, as you can see, is significantly better than any other coating tested.