GM 4L80E Trans-Brake Valve Body Kit, '97-Up

GM 4L80E Trans-Brake Valve Body Kit, '97-Up
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Drivetrain engineers at TCI® unveil transbrake valve body for GM 4L80E transmissionsIn the world of competitive drag racing, consistency is a major key to success. Understandingthis universal truth, TCI® has developed the GM 4L80E Transbrake Valve Body for radicalstreet and all-out racing applications. The TCI® valve body contains no additional externalcomponents to hinder installation and is guaranteed to provide more aggressive starting launches,quicker reaction times, improved consistency and all-around better ETs.

Once installed, the TCI® GM 4L80E Transbrake Valve Body modifies your transmission into afull manual shift, reverse pattern unit with an impressive Pro Tree transbrake feature. It alsoretains torque converter clutch engagement in overdrive and still allows lockup in lower enginerpm. Best of all, this performance valve body from TCI® does not require the use of anaftermarket transmission controller or deep transmission pan to facilitate operation of the 4L80Etransmission.

The new transbrake valve body achieves maximum torque converter stall and quicker reactiontimes. This is due to the transbrake action which prevents an engine's torque load from beingtransmitted through the drive train prior to the launch. Once the transbrake is released, the poweris transmitted immediately to the rear tires in much the same manner as a manual clutch but withthe parts saving advantage of the torque converter's shock absorbing action.

This new development in drivetrain technology is guaranteed to deliver better consistency andacceleration on the street or at the track.