GM 4L80E/4L85E Chrome-Plated Stock-Depth Transmission Pan

This new chrome transmission pan from TCI® offers customers a way to dress up their 4L80E/4L85E and 6x Six-Speed™ transmissions. It is the only stock-depth pan on the market. The transmission pan has often been an overlooked part of the drivetrain—until now. The only stamped, stock-depth pan available on the aftermarket, this new piece was designed for optimal ground clearance. TCI® also saw this as an opportunity to dress up a popular transmission option from General Motors. The transmission pan is chrome-plated for corrosion resistance, features a gasket and drain plug, and is embossed with the TCI® logo. Features & Benefits:
  • Chrome-plated for unmatched looks along with rust & corrosion resistance
  • Stock depth to provide ground clearance
  • Includes drain plug and transmission pan gasket