GM 4L60E/4L65E Bolt-Together Converter (4100-4200 RPM)

Billet, User-Serviceable Converter w/ WOT Lock-Up Capable Triple-Disc Clutch

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Bolt-Together Billet Converter w/ Patent-Pending Triple-Disc Lock-Up Clutch

Building off the success of their bolt-together torque converters for GM 6L80 transmissions, TCI® engineers have now developed a complete line of Bolt-Together Converters for the 4L60E transmission from GM. These triple-disc lock-up converters feature an increase in stall speed over stock options, thereby increasing torque multiplication and allowing the engine to get into its powerband sooner. The result is improved vehicle launch and overall performance.

Last Converter You'll Ever Buy; At Home Rebuilds & Stall RPM Changes

Integrating the same patent-pending technology found on the 6L80 versions, the 4L60E Bolt-Together Torque Converters seamlessly apply the unit’s triple-disc lock-up clutch, even during wide open throttle. The high torque capacity lock-up clutch features friction material specifically tailored to the most demanding applications while preserving drivability. The converters are hand-assembled to precise tolerances and feature both hand tig-brazed impellers and fully furnace-brazed turbines for maximum strength. Each unit is HDT™ Coated to prevent corrosion and help dissipate heat, while also undergoing the legendary TCI® Triple Testing process. And thanks to the bolt-together design, stall changes and service of frictions and bearings can be performed at home. There is no need to send back to TCI®.

LS1 Camaro/Firebird • 4.8/5.3/6.0L Truck/SUV • LS1/LS2 GTO •Trailblazer SS

  • Bolt-together design allows easy at home stall rpm changes & rebuilds

  • Fully furnace-brazed turbines, hand tig-brazed impellers, computer balanced & hand assembled

  • Clutch friction material designed for the most demanding high TQ applications while preserving drivability

  • Patent-pending lock-up clutch design offers ultra smooth lock-up engagement w/ aftermarket trans controller/lock-up control such as the TCI® EZ-TCU™ or factory GM PCM

  • Each converter is TCI® Triple Tested