Aluminum Ford C4 Bellhousing (Small Block Ford Pattern)

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The transmission bellhousing is an often overlooked component – until you need one and all you have are junkyard rejects. The TCI® Ford C4 Aluminum 5 7/8-Inch Depth Bellhousing is built from aluminum and CNC-machined to exact specifications for a precision fit. This lightweight bellhousing is the perfect replacement component for your Ford C4 5 7/8-inch bellhousing and is a simple bolt-up in the standard OE configuration.

The TCI® Ford C4 Bellhousing fits the common 157-tooth Ford flexplate and two-bolt starter applications without modification and eliminates chasing down old and potentially structurally fatigued bellhousings in the junkyard. The 5 7/8-inch depth sizing is the most common depth found with C4 transmissions. This is one of the most cost effective and safe solutions available for this application and works with case-filled transmissions as well.

Fits case-filled transmissions