Electric Shift Kit for Outlaw/Thunder Stick Shifters

TCI® Electric Shift Kit for Outlaw/Thunder Stick™ Shifters
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New electronic shifter kit works with popular TCI® shifters for total control of Powerglide transmission shift points for drag racing applications

Consistency is the key to drag racing, so when your vehicle needs to be race-consistent, a TCI® electric shifter kit is the solution. The TCI® Outlaw™/Thunder Stick™ Electric Shifter Kit is an affordable option that bolts up under the shifter between the shift mechanism and the console and allows for total hands-free shifting of your GM Powerglide transmission. It allows for consistent shifting action, all while you keep your hands on the steering wheel. Shift points can be set and activated by any rpm switch, timer or pushbutton. Once activated, the solenoid plunger travels forward and moves the shifter for you.

The TCI® Outlaw™/Thunder Stick™ Electric Shifter Kit includes everything needed to get you going, including the solenoid, bracket, relay and wire connections, along with easy-to-follow instructions. The bracket is even predrilled for compatibility with TCI® shifters and no CO2 bottles or regulators are necessary as with other shifter systems. Power to activate the shifter must be supplied by a 12-volt source such as a timer or delay box.