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Circlematic Powerglide Manual Shift FWD Pattern Non Lock-Up w/ Kickout-Style Asphalt Oil Pan

Circlematic Powerglide Manual Shift FWD Pattern Non Lock-Up w/ Kickout-Style Asphalt Oil Pan

TCI® TH350 CircleMax Transmission™ & FastLap Torque Converter™ Combination

TCI® TH350 CircleMax Transmission™ & FastLap Torque Converter™ Combination

Race Transmission (Full Manual); Ford C4 (Small Bellhousing Pattern) Ford Small Block (289-351)


Fits Ford C4, Small Bellhousing Pattern (sold separately), Dipstick Goes in Transmission Case

*Bellhousing sold separately

    • Fits '70-'82 Ford C4-Equipped Vehicles

      • Small Bellhousing Pattern (bellhousing sold separately
      • Dipstick Goes in Transmission Case
      • w/ 26-Spline Input Shaft
    • Fits Ford Small Block (289-351ci)

    • Standard Shift Pattern

    • 18 3/8" Tailshaft


TCI® has been building drag race transmissions for over 40 years, and we go the extra mile to ensure your transmission is superior in both form and function to what you would purchase at a local transmission shop. Beginning with a careful inspection of the transmission case and components, stock parts are replaced with high performance bands and components where applicable. We also increase fluid flow and improve the lubrication system and thrust capacity. Problematic hard parts are replaced with stronger ones, many of which are manufactured at TCI® in-house machining centers. Valve bodies are completely remanufactured and 100 percent tested prior to installation. Finally, each and every TCI® transmission must pass both a static hydraulic pressure test during assembly and a final dyno test prior to shipping. That's Triple Tested so you can be confident you're getting a transmission that's ready to perform.

 Full-Manual Competition Transmission

Designed for the extreme high performance street or all out race car, these Full Manual Competition Transmissions will give you consistent shifts as well as complete control over shift points. Available in reverse and standard shift pattern (most applications), they require no vacuum hookups or kickdown linkage. This means there are no external linkages to be purchased, which saves some expense. The increased line pressure provides a harder, quicker shift and eliminates the lag time between shifts produced by automatic shift transmissions.

  • Extreme Performance Clutches & Nitrided Steel Plates for Enhanced Performance

  • High-Performance Powerbands Provide Greater Torque Capacity & More Positive Shifts & Band Apply

  • Hardened Sprag Races Increases Durability & Strength

  • Improved Lubrication System Increases Fluid Sent to Planetaries & Internals

  • Able to Handle Up-to-750 HP (Depending on Application)

If additional information is needed, we are available to answer questions via phone or email. Please visit our Contact Us page.

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