Circlematic Powerglide Manual Shift REV Pattern Non Lock-Up w/ Aluminum Std. Capacity Oil Pan

27 9/16" Powerglide Circlematic™ Transmission 1.82:1 Low Gear Ratio Manual Shift REV, Must be raced in high gear
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TCI® offers competition transmissions for oval track and marine performance applications. Several different options are available. TCI® offers 1.69, 1.76, 1.80, 1.82, 1.98 low gear planetary sets for the Powerglide. Standard length transmissions weigh approximately 97 pounds and the shorty version weighs only 93 pounds. The rotating assemblies weigh 24.25 pounds in standard trim to less than 20 pounds in lightweight trim.

Our Powerglide Internally Controlled Circlematic™ Valve Body ( Part # 744500) eliminates the need for all external control of the line pressure when using a straight pump drive. This design allows you to operate the transmission by simply placing it into gear and mashing the accelerator. All transmissions feature high performance clutches, steel clutch hub and modified planetary gear set that will work with the latest rear suspensions. Many specialty combinations are available from TCI® .