Circlematic Powerglide Manual Shift FWD Pattern Non Lock-Up w/ Aluminum Std. Capacity Oil Pan

27 9/16" Powerglide Circlematic™ Transmission, 1.82:1 Low Gear Ratio w/ Full Manual Valve Body Standard Depth Cast Aluminum Pan

New Circlematic™ Full Manual Powerglide Transmission can be raced in Lo or Hi gear, perfect for stock cars that are required to run functioning torque converters. 

TCI® Circlematic™ Transmissions have built an impressive reputation with stock car racers for winning races and delivering amazing durability. Their newest offering, the TCI® Circlematic™ Full Manual Powerglide Transmission, adds another level of choice, especially for racers on a budget. For any racer who is required to run a functioning torque converter, it is the perfect racing transmission and can be raced in either Lo or Hi gear.

The TCI® Circlematic™ Full Manual Powerglide Transmission, with a blueprinted, fully manual shift system, is specifically designed for pavement and dirt circle track racing. These transmissions come standard with the highest quality internal components such as Alto aftermarket clutches and steels, a Kevlar band, steel hub and a heavy-duty 1.82:1 ratio planetary modified for maximum rearend travel. The full manual shift design delivers complete positive gear selection, and the stock depth aluminum oil pan provides improved cooling and strength without reducing ground clearance. As with every TCI® transmission, these competition-engineered units are fully dyno tested and rigorously inspected to provide unmatched performance and durability.