Circle Track GM Powerglide FastLap Torque Converter 10" (1800-2000 Stall Range)

 Good for Heavier Cars, Low Stall, Good Throttle Response

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TCI® FastLap Torque Converters

Looks aren’t everything…but with regards to torque converters, they can hide the secret to winning races. For sanctioning bodies that mandate the use of a “stock appearing” converter, TCI® Circle Track Torque Converters satisfy the rulebook requirements while delivering a distinct performance advantage. TCI® Circle Track Torque Converters are specially designed with a lower “positive lock-up” stall speed, eliminating approximately 10% of the power robbing slippage found in OEM and lesser quality converters. On the track, this results in huge off-the-corner acceleration and the ultimate in “green flag” starting speed.

Built with a heavy-duty stator, furnace-brazed fins and precision- certified stall speed to maximize efficiency, these stock appearing converters usually reduce lap times by one to two tenths of a second. In addition, these converters feature reduced rotational weight to improve engine braking in corners and lower transmission operating temperatures.

  • 10" Converter (24 lb) w/ Small Bolt Pattern • 1800-2000 Flash Stall RPM
  • Good for Heavier Cars, Low Stall, Good Throttle Response
  • Recommended for 350+ ci, 2400+ lbs