Electric Shift Solenoid Kit for Outlaw-X Shifters

At the drag strip, the first gear shift comes quickly and requires a faster than normal response time. The TCI® Electric Shift Solenoid Kit works with your RPM switch or timer to make that first shift for you automatically, elminating the inconsistency that occurs when manually shifting.


For hands-free, automated shifting with its Outlaw-X™ Shifters, TCI® has developed a shift solenoid kit that helps to produce more consistent ETs.  It features:

  • Convenient, direct fit to any Outlaw-X™ Shifter through unique use of the shifter’s existing cover slide pins
  • Includes shift solenoid, mounting bracket, 30 amp heavy-duty relay and all electrical connectors and wiring needed for pain free installation
  • Does not interfere with manual use of shifter