C6 Maximizer™ Street Torque Converter w/ 1.850 Pilot

1966-84 C6 With 1.850" Crank Pilot (332, 360, 390, 406, 427, 428) Maximizer™ Street Torque Converter

This Maximizer Street Torque Converter has much the same performance characteristics as our standard Saturday Night Special® series for cars, but with extra reinforcement and thicker mounting surfaces to withstand the additional load and vibration put through the drivetrain by a truck with performance modifications. By providing additional stall, your truck will see better initial takeoff and will not lug the engine when using big tires. Special attention is made to match the converter to the power range of most trucks that do double duty as an off-road and daily driver. Improved rear wheel horsepower and elapsed times are a result.