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E4OD Maximizer™ 6 Pinion Steel Forward Planetary

E4OD Maximizer™ 6 Pinion Steel Forward Planetary

C6 (2.72 1st, 1.54 2nd) w/ Low Drag Bearings Installed Planetary

C6 Low Gear Planetary
The new TCI® Ford C6 6-Pinion Low Drag Planetary delivers a wealth of improvements over competitive conventional 4-pinion systems, including greater strength and significantly lower drag through the use of low friction, high-quality bearings that replace standard brass thrust washers. In addition, the new planetary incorporates a 2.72:1 first gear and 1.54:1 second gear to greatly improve drag strip launches and better overall performance.

TCI®, the leader in the development of advanced automatic transmission components, developed the 6-pinion design after significant field testing with the popular Ford C6 transmissions, which have been historically plagued by high internal parasitic drag. The new TCI® planetary system greatly reduces the drag and allows Ford-equipped vehicles to benefit from the high strength of these transmissions without the horsepower drain.

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UPC 788120008846
Manufacturer TCI®
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