Breakaway® Converter, Ford, 1970-79 C4, 11.4" Bolt Circle, 26-Spline, Dipstick Goes into Transmission Pan

1970-79 C4, 11.4" Bolt Circle, 26-SplineBreakaway® Torque Converter
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The first step into serious high performance, the Breakaway® is a great torque converter for moderately modified street machines and weekend racers also used as daily drivers. It provides approximately 2400 to 2600 rpm flash stall without negatively affecting part throttle driving. Designed for efficiency at highway cruising speeds and to launch hard at wide open throttle, the Breakaway® is a fantastic all-around torque converter.

Features: Furnaced-brazed fins, needle bearings, hardened pre-ground pump hub, computer balanced

Benefits: Harder launches, quicker acceleration, improved low end power, bolt-in (no modifications required), 1,000+ RPM increase in stall over stock

Dipstick Goes into Transmission Case