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TCI Automotive

TCI® Automotive is one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of high-performance aftermarket drivetrain products. TCI specializes in products including entire transmission packages, transmission controllers, torque converters, shifters valve bodies, flexplates, and flywheels. Additionally, it stocks all the drive train tools, service kits, accessories, internals, and fluids to complete the job for racers and street enthusiasts.

From a modest operation in 1968 based in Memphis, Tennessee, to a 120,000-square-feet operations facility now located in Ashland, Mississippi, TCI has continually expanded to be a leader in transmission development. With one of the largest engineering teams, TCI relies on years of research and development to provide high-quality transmission products. Onsight quality control and TCI Triple Test procedures performed on every transmission and torque converter ensure top-quality workmanship, while our highly trained technical experts offer world-class customer support.

TCI Automotive is a proud member of the Edelbrock Group™ family of brands, including Edelbrock®, COMP Cams®, FAST® (Fuel Air Spark Technology), and Russell® Performance, representing over 130 years of performance. Headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi, with operations in Ashland, TCI remains an innovative American company focused on high-quality transmission products and superior customer support. We believe in the automotive lifestyle and continue to support the passion for our American pastime.

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