‘82-‘86 GM 700R4 Transmission Constant Pressure Valve Body

‘82-‘86 GM 700R4 Transmission Constant Pressure Valve Body
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Transmission Constant Pressure Valve Body

Automatic transmissions are complex components, mysterious boxes filled with fluidand strange-looking parts that challenge even an accomplished engine builder. Manyracers and street performance enthusiasts incorrectly install their transmission withthe critical Throttle Valve (T.V.) cable used to set internal line pressure and part throttleshifting either left disconnected or improperly adjusted. The result – total transmissionmelt down, often within a matter of a few miles.

Until recently, no manufacturer has offered a solution to this costly mistake. At TCI® we recognized the need for a product which eliminates the chance of transmissionfailure and produced the Constant Pressure Valve Body™. While the T.V. cable stillneeds connection for proper transmission shifting, the TCI® Constant Pressure ValveBody™ provides more freedom when setting part throttle shift points. Line pressure isfixed with no chance of encountering a low line pressure condition and the shift characteristicsare greatly improved. Each kit comes with detailed instructions and can beinstalled by anyone with basic mechanical experience. Gone are the days of trickyT.V. cable adjustment and low pressure conditions thanks to the revolutionary TCI® Constant Pressure Valve Body™.