8-Inch X-Long Yoke For 27 Spline Transmissions

8-Inch X-Long Yoke For 27 Spline Transmissions
Your driveshaft is the critical link between your transmission and the rear end. The new TCI® 8-Inch X-Long Yoke for 27 Spline Transmissions avoids yoke “pull out” and “bottom out” which can lead to extreme transmission & rear end damage. This high-strength, forged steel construction yoke is designed to handle the extreme conditions found with high-end circle track racing drivetrains featuring the GM Powerglide, TH350, Brinn Transmissions and any other 27 spline output shaft transmission.

The TCI® 8-Inch X-Long Yoke is stronger than billet-designed components and is perfect for any transmission using the 27-spline output shaft. This yoke uses the popular and time-tested 1310-style U-joint. For anyone needing an extra margin of safety to avoid either yoke pull out or transmission housing bottom out conditions, this is the right part for you.

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