727 Maximizer 1962-70

727 Maximizer™ 1962-70
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These kits are ideally suited for Off-Road, Towing and other severe duty applications. Our applications cover most of the popular automatic transmissions found in light and medium duty applications.

Each kit contains gaskets, seals, premium quality frictions, steels, high volume filter, and even a drain plug kit. TCI® sources these components from the original equipment manufacturers utilizing such companies as Alto, Clevite, Federal-Mogul, National and Sealed Power. Also included are valve body recalibration modifications which provide "crisper" shifts without the "harsh" feel that you often find in kits designed for racing. Durability is improved because less heat is generated per shift than is associated with the OEM shift characteristics. The Maximizer™ Kit also increases the torque capacity of the transmission to make towing or off-roading a breeze.