727/A518 Forward/Direct Steel Plates 0.068" (5 ea.)

727/A518 Forward/Direct Steel Plates 0.068" (5 ea.)
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TCI® Part #124066 - Set of (5) Steel Plate Frictions for Torqueflite 727/518 - See below chart for specs & related products

A clutch plate is part of a series of discs between the pressure plate and flywheel inside of a transmission. The round plate has a friction sensitive surface that allows it to grip and sits next to the flywheel that is connected to the driveshaft, so the flywheel starts to spin as soon as the engine is turned on and the motor turns the crankshaft. When the clutch, the clutch plate moves away from the flywheel because a series of springs and bearings pulls the pressure plate back. When the clutch pedal is released, the pressure plate is reengaged by the springs and then pushes against the clutch plate. When engaged, the pressure plate forces the flywheel and clutch together.

A clutch plate is designed to handle different levels of force and apply different ranges of friction depending on its design and materials. But it’s probably no surprise that excess heat can cause clutches to fail –that’s a proven fact. But using TCI® Frictions or Clutch Plates can prevent that with their superior materials and engineering.

High Performance Frictions

  • High coefficient of friction & high temperature resistance
  • Power apply applications feature grooved surface area to improve clutch apply time
  • Suitable for both street/strip and racing applications

Xtreme Performance HD Frictions

  • Provide smoother shifts and longer life in high horsepower applications
  • Designed with softer, more resilient base paper for less wear against opposing steel plates
  • Saturated with phenolic resin and silicate for high heat resistance to friction paper

High-Static Reverse Steel Clutch Plates

  • Stop forward “creep” due to clutch slippage while transbrake is applied
  • Engineered from high-quality, specially treated steels for increased durability
  • Available for TH350 and Powerglide transmissions
  • Good choice for transbrake-equipped vehicles

Nitrided Steel Plates

  • Nitrided surface treatment infuses nitrogen ions into steel to increase surface hardness for initial & long-term wear
  • Wear and fatigue resistance more than doubles
  • Higher heat resistance, increased lubricity and improved heat transfer across surface of steel
  • Prevents hot spots and warp due to high oil and surface temperatures
  • Recognized by metallurgists worldwide as best way to increase hardness and lubricity of steels
DescriptionDrumHigh Performance FrictionsXtreme Performance FrictionsSteel Plates
 Torqueflite 727  Direct & Rear 124000 (5 Ea.) .095" - 124066 (5 Ea.) .068" 
 Torqueflite 727  Forward  124500 (5 Ea.) .061"   -  124066 (5 Ea.) .068" 
 Torqueflite 904  Forward & Direct  124602 (1 Ea.) .086"   124601 (1 Ea.) .063"   -
 Torqueflite 518  Forward  124500 (5 Ea.) .061"   -  124066 (5 Ea.) .068"