6X Six Speed Transmission Package; Reid Racing Bellhousing

6X Six Speed Transmission Package; Reid Racing Bellhousing
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Using the latest developments in drivetrain technology, TCI® has developed an innovative automatic transmission for Pro Touring, street and all-out race vehicles. Designed for GM SBC, BBC, LS and Pontiac applications, as well as Fords and Chryslers, this TCI® 6x Six-Speed Automatic Transmission is a fully programmable transmission that gives you six forward gears (2.97, 2.23, 1.57, 1.18, 1.00, 0.75) for quicker acceleration and increased fuel economy at cruising speeds. Capable of handling up to 850 horsepower, this versatile transmission from TCI® features a compact design, allowing it to work in a variety of performance applications.

When used with the included EZ-TCU™ for shift point programming and the optional TCI® Paddle Shifter or Outlaw™ 2-Button Shifter set up for manual mode gear selection, this automatic transmission gives vehicles the most functional and modern drivetrain combination on the market.

To ensure durability, TCI® engineers run each transmission across a computer-controlled transmission dyno to ensure proper line pressures and top notch transmission performance. Proof of this triple testing process is included with each transmission, shipped in the form of individual serialized spec sheets containing test scores. In addition, each TCI® transmission utilizes the patented HDT Coating™ for cooler operating temperatures and improved drivetrain efficiency.

  • Six forward gears & fully programmable automatic or manual shifting for improved acceleration & fuel economy at cruising speeds
  • TCI® EZ-TCU™ transmission control unit & 4-speed automatic shifter (ratchet, gate or stock) needed for standard automatic operation
  • Full manual shifting with the 6x Six-Speed requires optional TCI® Paddle Shifter or Outlaw™ 2-Button Shifter
  • Self-contained design eliminates clearance problems of external bolt-on overdrives
  • Package includes transmission with EZ-TCU™ transmission control unit, wiring harness, transmission cooler, dipstick & Max Shift™ Street Performance Transmission Fluid

Replaces part number: 271601P2