4x Four Speed Transmission for 28oz Externally Balanced Small Block Ford, Non-Electronic 700R4-Based, 550 HP

Ships 12/2/2019

4x Four-Speed™ Transmission Packages for Externally Balanced Small Block Fords allow you to bolt up your externally balanced Small Block Ford engine to the popular TCI® 4X Four Speed non-electronic 700R4-based transmission. This version is capable of up to 550 horsepower and features an 28 oz. flexplate.

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TCI® makes it easy to adapt these proven transmissions to any compatible engines by including the exact bellhousing, a special adapter flexplate, pilot adapter, dipstick and other accessories in a complete package. These kits bolt right up to your engine like a stock transmission.

The 700R4-based transmission uses a Constant Pressure Valve Body™ to eliminate the need for careful TV cable tuning, the most common cause of 700R4 transmission failure. If you choose the 4L80E-based 4x transmission, these controls are handled electronically by your choice of the TCI® EZ-TCU™, TCU 2.0™ or a factory GM transmission controller. All 4x transmissions are automatic overdrive four speeds with lock-up, so simply choose the one that fits your power level.