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TCI 4L60E/4L80E Remote TPS w/ Bracket

4L60E/4L80E Remote TPS w/ Bracket
To utilize any computer-directed engine management system, you have to know the position of the throttle at all times. Vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection (EFI) feature a throttle position sensor (TPS) on their throttle body. Carbureted applications don’t feature a TPS but when running the TCI EZ-TCU Transmission Controller and other aftermarket controllers, a TPS is a necessity. So TCI offers what is referred to as a “Remote TPS” that doesn’t have to be placed directly on the carburetor but can be placed in a “remote” location. The TCI Remote TPS provides a throttle position reference that allows any carbureted application to use the popular TCI transmission management electronics.
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UPC 788120153331
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