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700-R4/200-4R 0.400

700-R4/200-4R 0.400" Diameter Low/Rev Boost Valve

700-R4/4L60E 10-Vane & Rotor Kit

700-R4/4L60E 10-Vane & Rotor Kit

4L60E/4L65E .490-inch Diameter Boost Valve with O-Rings

4L60E/4L65E .490-inch Diameter Boost Valve with o-rings

Transmission Components

Operating line pressure is the lifeblood of any automatic transmission by providing the clampingforce on the clutches and bands. Oftentimes, increasing line pressure is a requirement whenincreasing driveline output. The new TCI® 4L60E boost valve assembly provides you the meansof elevating your line pressure while also addressing wear issues that may actually have yourtransmission running at a lower level of pressure than GM intended.

Boost valve features: larger diameter over stock that yields 10-15% higher line pressure, o-ringson boost sleeve which prevents loss of boost signal pressure, sleeve constructed from AlcoaDeltalloy 4032 & hard-coat anodized which prevents wear between the mating parts.

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UPC 788120034746
Manufacturer TCI®
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