GM, 2004R Billet Servo Kit

200-4R Billet Servo

Performance transmission fans will feel the difference with the TCI® 2004R Billet Servo Kit, which improves the shift firmness and feel of the transmission shift points on Buick Regal Turbo, Monte Carlo SS and Turbo Trans Am vehicles. In addition to enhancing shift quality, the TCI® 2004R Billet Servo Assembly delivers better torque holding capacity for increased transmission durability.

  • 17% increased application area over largest Buick Regal Turbo factory servo
  • Increases holding capacity of intermediate band
  • Teflon seals return hydraulic integrity to high mileage transmission cases by eliminating pressure loss due to worn case bores
  • Prevents annoying downshift “clunk” commonly found in other aftermarket servo kits


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