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Transmission Floor Jack Adapter

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The TCI® transmission floor jack adapter turns nearly any standard floor jack into a 12″ x 12″ transmission jack.

Floor Jack to Transmission Adapter

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  • Floor Jack to Transmission Adapter


Converts a standard floor jack to a transmission jack.

The TCI® transmission jack adapter eliminates the need to clutter your garage with a second, expensive jack just for transmission work.

This handy piece of equipment is designed to work with most automatic transmissions and nearly any hydraulic floor jack that has a removable pad with a 1-3/16″ center hold.

Simply replace the floor jack’s original pad with our transmission floor jack adapter and you have a secure 12″ x 12″ surface to hold your transmission steady during installation or removal.

Three sides have a 1″ lip to keep the transmission in place. The fourth side features a front opening for sliding the transmission on and off the engine dowel pins.

This popular jack adapter takes up far less space than an entire transmission floor jack when not in use, making the perfect home garage/pit tool.