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PRO-X™ Race Torque Converter 10" - TH350/400/Turbo Shaft Powerglide - 251020

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PRO-X™ Converter

PRO-X™ Race Torque Converter 10" - TH350/400/Turbo Shaft Powerglide - 251020



Newly Redesigned Pro-X™ 10" Converters Increase Performance On Race Engines With Turbo (TH) Transmissions, Or Powerglides With A GM 30-Spline Turbo Input Shaft & 27-Spline Stator Tube

PRO-X™ 10" Race Converters from TCI® have received a serious upgrade. Long a leader in the performance market, this converter series now has a redesigned, hand-built stator optimizing internal clearance between pump and turbine. This improves torque multiplication with less wasted slip and heat generation. A new heavy-duty bearing design between the stator and the turbine is designed to handle higher loads, while redesigned bearing locators increase oil flow to bearings, thereby increasing life and load capacity. A new heavy-duty caged bearing between the pump and stator is designed to handle higher loads as well. Meanwhile, an optional mechanical diode, made from heat-treated and nitride high-quality steel components, simultaneously engages seven elements, as opposed to competitor’s versions that use one or two. Therefore the TCI® diode is a much stronger a more durable component than sprags and competitors’ diodes. A revision to the dimensions of the converter internals has also increased the acceleration rate, which leads to improved ETs and increased mph at the track.  Just as in the original version, spline components and the steel flange hub are made from hardened billet steel, while the front and pump are fully machined for precision balancing and strength. The dual-bolt pattern also returns. TCI® PRO-X™ 10" Race Torque Converters are built to increase efficiency and overall performance.

  • Proprietary, hand-built stator designed to improve performance & efficiency
  • Improved bearing design & bearing oiling to increase maximum torque capacity
  • Updated stator cap design increases oil flow throughout converter internals; gets oil in hard-to-reach places
  • Revision to converter-internal dimensions increase acceleration rate for improved ET & MPH
  • Hardened billet steel flange hub & spline components, fully-machined front & pump
  • Dual-bolt pattern return from original 10" PRO-X™ version
  • Please refer to below chart for more stall rpm information and additionally available converters
 Important   Stall speed is an approximation - will vary per CID; dyno torque; HP ratings; power adders, such as turbo(s) amount of boost, blower size & amount of boost, amount of initial N2O applied
Part # Application Base Stall RPM Upper Stall* RPM Vehicle Weight Engine Power* Adder Rear Gear Tire Size Fuel CFM Dyno HP
251000 GM TH400 Spline 3600 4200 3200 lbs 565 cid 450 HP N2O 4.10 14W x 32H x 16 1400 1000
251050 GM TH400 Spline 4000 4000 2500 lbs 800 cid 450 HP N2O 3.60 16W x 33H x 16 1400 1800+
251020 GM TH400 Spline 4000 4800 2800 lbs 675 cid 450 HP N2O 3.90 14W x 32H x 16 1400 1400
251030 GM TH400 Spline 4200 5000 2500 lbs 675 cid 450 HP N2O 3.90 16W x 33H x 16 1400 1500

     *When Power Adder Is Used, Refer To Upper Stall Range.