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Unmatched Customer Service

Choosing the perfect drivetrain products for your application isn’t a simple process. Every part of your drivetrain is a critical piece of a complex, interlocking system that needs to match perfectly in order for your application to generate peak performance. That’s why we provide expert technical assistance to our customers – free of charge – through our toll free tech help lines and our online tech support system. Our staff of highly trained, expert technical advisers, backed by a vast inventory of precision-manufactured drivetrain components, makes sure that our customers have the proper parts for their specific applications the first time. Customer satisfaction is not only gauged by dyno performance numbers but by repeated customer loyalty built through years of personal, one-on-one contact.

Services Available

  • Toll free technical assistance – five days a week
  • Highly trained, professional sales and technical personnel
  • Extensive online product information and tech resources,
    including email, forums, FAQs & more
  • On-site product support at race and enthusiast events
  • Custom product design and manufacturing services

World-Class Research & Development Facilities

From the initial concept to the finished piece, every product that we make undergoes exhaustive quality control testing to ensure that it will put the power to the pavement without failure - every time. Our fully furnished Research & Development and Engineering facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment staffed by passionate and highly trained employees. With dedicated test vehicles, specialized measuring equipment, multiple dynos and cutting edge design software, TCI® is able to produce innovative drivetrain products that set the industry standard for performance and reliability.

Our 100,000 Facilities House

  • Fully Furnished R&D Area
  • Engineering Department
  • Automotive Lift
  • Transmission/Torque Converter Dyno
  • Dedicated R&D Test Vehicles
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Transmission Reaction Time Measuring Equipment
  • Answermatic Valve Body Hydraulic Testing Equipment
  • Answermatic Transmission Hydraulic Testing Equipment